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Important Tips about Buying/Insuring an Automobile

What discounts are available?

  • AAA - Members get an auto insurance discount
  • Multi-Policy (Home owner, Condo, apartment) discount
  • Multi-car discount
  • DFL discount - Date First Licensed, you will get a discount based upon the total number of years you have been driving
  • Anti-theft device discount
  • Low mileage discount

Here are some important tips while you are buying a new or used car:

  • Make sure you see the title, you can not register the car without it. A few local dealer have been selling vehicles without having the title in hand.
  • Are you a Massachusetts resident buying a car in New Hampshire? If you are, remember that you can NOT use the New Hampshire 20 day plates. If you get stopped your new vehicle will be towed for no registration and you may be ticketed and fined.
  • Call us for a quote BEFORE you buy the new vehicle. There is nothing worse then insurance bill shock after the papers are signed.
  • Ask if the vehicle has an alarm and let us know. You can get a discount on your insurance.
  • Ask for a CarFax on vehicle. Some good dealers will supply them so you can tell if your new vehicle has been in an accident or flood. If the dealer does not supply one, it may be worth going to to get one on your own. It will cost you $20.00 but could save you thousands.

Are you transferring registration plates from an older vehicle?

  • If you still have the old vehicle then you must process the change at the RMV that same day.
  • Please remember that if you are no longer in possession of the old vehicle, then you have 7 days to transfer the plates at the RMV.

Thinking of towing with that new vehicle?

  • Comprehensive and collision coverage can be purchased separately for your trailer/Camper on your auto insurance policy.  Please understand, your vehicle liability insurance DOES NOT include coverage for damage to what you are towing, only damage it does others people property.
  • Also note, if the towed item is over 10,000Lbs, this would be considered a commercial application and require commercial coverage.  This tends to be much more expensive than a personal application.
  • IMPORTANT: The contents or what is being carried by your trailer is NOT COVERED by this policy.  Please ask about proper coverage if this is a concern of yours.
  • You should know that your trailer's liability coverage is what ever you have for the towing vehicle.  In other words, the liability coverage you have on your vehicle extends back to the trailer it is pulling.  Please call to discuss proper coverage, you may need to consider increasing your liability coverage once you start towing.


We can help with all your insurance needs


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