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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Auto Insurance cover damage to my boat while attached to my vehicle?

No, a separate boat policy is required. Your auto insurance only covers liability caused by the boat trailer.

How does my auto insurance driving record effect my boat insurance?

They are directly related, as the insurance carrier considers your driving on the road the same as on the water.

Can my boat be covered under my Home Owners' Insurance policy?

Under certain conditions. It depends upon the Size, Power, and Style of the boat. Please call for consultation.

Are there other recreational vehicles for which I might need coverage?

There are several different types of recreational vehicles that may need seperate coverage. Coverage might be needed for rider injury or damage to other peoples property. Some of those vehicles include:

  • Boat
  • Motorcycle
  • Snowmobile
  • Dirt Bike


We can help with all your insurance needs


Dwelling, Property, Personal Property, Liability, and additional living expenses


Covers bodily injury and Property damage in case of a accident


Cover you and your familly with a personal health insurance policy


Businesses can cover employees' health/dental as a group


Protect your family against the unexpected

Boat & Snowmobile

Get proper coverage for your boat or snowmobile


Insure your motorcycle for seasonal usage

Workers Comp

Protect your employees and business from workplace accidents

Home Insurance

Protect your home.

Auto Insurance

Protect your car.

Life insurance

Be prepared for the unexpected and protect your family.

Group Health

Provide insurance for your companies work force.